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Engineering Senior Programs

Senior Program Information

During the junior year, each student will meet with a faculty advisor and plan a sequence of advanced electives appropriate to the student's personal career objectives, called a senior program. The student's program must include no fewer than 30 semester units of advanced courses in engineering or closely related fields. A minimum of 24 semester units must be in engineering or computer science. The senior program must include a "capstone" design experience and additional courses with design content so that the student's total engineering program contains at least one semester of engineering design. All senior programs must be approved by an adviser and the department chair prior to enrolling in these courses.

All undergraduate engineering students are required to file a senior program and pass the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) before enrolling in any 400 level engineering courses. To file a senior program, all lower division core courses (100 and 200 levels) should be completed. At the time the senior program is to be filed, students should be taking and planning to complete the 300 level required engineering courses as indicated in the school catalog.

If a student has taken all or some of the lower division core courses at some other school and has transferred them to CSUN, he or she still needs to complete the "Request for Major Requirement Transfer Credit" form that can be obtained in EA 1113. This needs to be done before filing the senior program. Exceptional cases should be reviewed by and discussed with your advisor.

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