Electrical and Computer Engineering

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International Advisement

General Questions:

Students with general queries regarding the Electrical or Computer Engineering programs can visit the ECE Department in JD 4509 or call 818-677-2190.

Orientation (Master's):

Entering graduate students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering programs will have an orientation session with the Graduate Coordinator before the semester starts. An email announcement will be sent out. Flyers and an announcement on the Department website will also have the orientation information. RSVP as soon as possible once the date has been provided. You can sign up by going to JD 4509 or calling 818-677-2190.


Refer to either the Undergraduate or Graduate Advisement pages for details. 

Curricular Practical Training (CPT):

Students with internship offers need to receive a CPT authorization from the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) prior to starting their paid internship. Bring the following to the ECE Department: 1. Filled out CPT form (pick up from the IESC) 2. Offer letter (must have the job title, job description, and the starting date). Drop off the paperwork at JD 4509. 

Extension of Stay: 

Students requesting an extension of stay need to pick up an Extension of Stay Request Form from the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC). Fill out the form and drop it off at the ECE Department at JD 4509.


The ECE Department does not create letters for embassies or scholarship programs. If a letter is needed for the student to show academic progress, the student can submit a Degree Progress Report (DPR) and a transcript to the requesting institution and the ECE Department will be happy to entertain inquiries from the institution to clarify the student’s academic progress. 

Course Substitutions / Transfer:

Click HERE to read the procedure for Course Substitutions / Transfer.

Course Pre-approval: 

For any course not articulated through www.assist.org, a pre-approval from the ECE Department must be obtained before taking it at another institution. Only lower division courses may be taken elsewhere once the student has matriculated at CSUN. Read the guidelines at: hyperlink