Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Department Laboratories

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a total of 19,570 sq. ft. of laboratory space, spreading over 17 separate laboratory facilities.
This space is continually assessed and re-allocated to make efficient use of it. The following is the list of these laboratories.
Jacaranda Hall Laboratory LocationName of Laboratory
JD 1101Hybrid Microelectronics Laboratory
JD 1102Advanced Digital Circuits Laboratory
JD 1536Communications Laboratory
JD 1550Optical Communications Laboratory
JD 1562Basic Circuits Laboratory
JD 1564Printed Circuit Board Laboratory
JD 1566Analog Electronics Laboratory
JD 1570Electric Power Laboratory
JD 1590Microwave and Antenna Laboratory / RF Circuits Laboratory
JD 1601Basic Digital Circuits Laboratory
JD 1605ECE Electronic Technician / Calibration / Repair Room
JD 1607Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Laboratory
JD 1612FPGA / ASIC Laboratory
JD 2201Senior Design Laboratory
JD 2203Control Systems and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
JD 2204Smart Room Laboratory