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A DESIGN CLINIC is a virtual clinic involving:

  • a team of supervised students
  • at least one faculty project director
  • at least one external sponsor who provides funding, and
  • a real world problem


Applying theory to practical problems - and solving them - is the goal of Design Clinics at the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Clinics allow upper division and graduate students to participate in actual research and design studies throughout an academic year.

Sponsored by “client” companies from industry that have research or design needs to solve technical problems, student teams work on projects in their chosen fields of specialization. Clients receive help with specific projects, while students gain valuable hands-on experience in problem-solving and teamwork. The Clinic experience facilitates the student’s transition from the classroom to a professional environment

Clients define the nature and scope of the project and work closely throughout the academic year with the Clinic team. In cooperation with a corporate liaison, who acts as a team member, faculty advisors oversee the work. In effect, the team becomes part of the sponsoring company’s organization for the duration of the project as project engineers and computer scientists.

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