Computer Science

  • server rack and sample Java programming code

Lab Facilities

The Computer Science Department maintains nine laboratories for use by students taking computer science classes:

  • Computer Literacy Labs (for COMP 100): JD 1105, JD 1107
  • Windows Programming Labs: JD 1600, JD 1600A, JD 1538, JD 2214
  • Linux Programming Lab: JD 1104
  • Macintosh Lab: JD 2215
  • Open Lab: JD 1622C, a shared lab, open to students taking major courses from engineering, computer science or CIT

The college operates a number of HP high end UNIX servers. All of the computing facilities in the department are networked to college and campus servers as well as to the Internet.
The software available in these laboratories includes, but is not limited to: C, C++, Java, Smalltalk, Scheme, Prolog, Visual Basic, Ada, database systems, software development environments, computer simulators, multimedia applications, and standard office applications.

The department has established eight special purpose laboratories for senior courses, undergraduate projects, master's projects and faculty research. Access to these specialty labs requires omnilock code access and is restricted to students enrolled in courses associated with that facility, and to faculty using that facility for their research:

  • Networking Interoperability and Embedded Applications Laboratory: JD 1602; created through donations from various private corporations and the campus IT division, this room contains computing and networking equipment to support student hands-on exploration of networking and system security projects. This facility also supports student projects for embedded applications.
  • Software Engineering and CS Senior Design Laboratory: JD 2211; this facility is divided into multiple cubicle work areas to support students working in teams on software engineering and senior design projects.
  • E-commerce Laboratory: JD 1538; a dedicated environment to study issues related to e-commerce and computer information technology.
  • Multimedia Systems Design Laboratory (JD 1618) This lab is equipped with computers and peripherals optimized for program development using graphics APIs along with software tools for authoring multimedia applications and interfaces.
  • Virtual Reality Laboratory (JD 2212) This lab supports special projects using VR technology, classes in advanced graphics and virtual reality, and, undergraduate, graduate and faculty research projects. The lab supports development of projects in areas such as fully immersive, networked, and VRML 2.0 virtual environments, and 3D games. The lab is equipped with tracking displays, gesture devices, VR software development libraries, and high performance Microsoft Windows and Intel based Linux systems with accelerated graphics capabilities.
  • Computer Science and Computer Information Technology Sandbox Lab: JD 1600B. This facility supports course projects that require non-production computers configured by students studying system administration or custom application development in a secure sandbox environment.
  • Computer Information Technology Senior Projects Lab: JD 2217. This lab provides CIT students with hands-on access to computers, switches, and routers to support system administration and networking infrastructure student projects, also in a sandbox environment.
  • Server and Special Projects Lab: JD 2217A. This facility provides networking support to the CIT Senior Projects Lab next door. It also houses computing and networking equipment for selected faculty research projects.