Computer Science

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JD 2211 Schedule

Jacaranda Hall 2211 is a conference room available to everyone within the Computer Science Department. It can be reserved by both students and faculty for studying, meetings, presentations, and other activities (excluding club meetings). Inside, you'll find a TV, 6 chairs, and a table. For detailed room use policies, please refer to the Ad Astra Reservation Request Page. We look forward to approving your reservation and providing you with a productive and welcoming space.

Reserving JD 2211 Instructions

  • Click on the link to go to reservation page on Ad Astra.
    • Enter Your Information
    • Enter Event Title
      • e.g., Studying, Presentation, Class Lecture, etc.
    • Enter your name
    • Enter your CSUN email
    • Enter your phone number
    • Select Event Type
      • e.g., Student, Faculty, Meeting, etc.
  • Click Add Meeting Button
    • Select Start Time
    • Select Start Date
    • Select End Time
    • Select End Date
    • Enter Meeting Name
  • Click Request Rooms
    • Select JD 2211
  • Enter Attendance number
  • Share any additional details you believe the department should know about your reservation.
  • Submit Reservation

How soon should I reserve the room?

Please submit a reservation request at least 3 days before you intend to use the room. The system is set to require 72 hours of lead time for reservation requests. Reach out to the department if you need a reservation within that time frame. 

How far in advance can I reserve the room?

We have set a system limit to only allow reservation requests within the following two weeks. Exceptions can be requested by contacting the department. 

How many people can be in the room at once?

6 people is the limit of people who can be in the room during use. 

When can I reserve it?

The room can only be reserved from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday. It may not be reserved on any day that the campus is closed. 

How long can I use the room for?

The room can be reserved for 2 hours at a time. Unless there are 3+ people using the room or if the room is being used for course instruction, then the room can be reserved for 4 hours at a time. 

Can I use the TV in the room?

Yes. Please be aware that the display connection provided is VGA.

How do I tell if my reservation is accepted?

You will receive an email from Ad Astra with confirmation of your request as well as when the department accepts your reservation request. 

Can I reserve recurring sessions?

 Possibly. Reservation requests are approved by the department. The room should be accessible to anyone who wants to use the room. We will not allow one person/group to monopolize the use of the room. 

Can I bring in food and drinks?

 No food whatsoever is allowed in the room. Water is allowed. 

Who should I contact for help?

For additional assistance, please contact the Computer Science department at (818) 677-3398