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Robert Kay

B.S. 1979

Graduated in 1979 with BSE. Served in student government as senator for the school of engineering. Started work in the disk drive industry and helped develop one of the first fully operational 1Gbyte optical disk drives. Went on to work in aerospace successfully developing a number of optical and RF based ordinance systems. After nine years of industry experience, Bob founded Elite Engineering Corp, a high technology contract engineering company focused on instrumentation and diagnostic products. Since 1988 Elite has grown from a one-person startup company into an ISO9001 certified product engineering and manufacturing organization that has employed up to 50 people. During that time, the company developed a wide range of instruments including hand-held blood analyzers, fluorescence-based digital microscopes/scanners, and test platforms for fluidic, optical, mechanical and electronic-based MEMS devices.

Among Bob’s technical accomplishments are seven patents, which include: a method for precision dispensing of pico liter fluidic volumes, a system for analyzing ion levels in blood, and 3D laser scanners.  For more than 15 years, he served on the editorial advisory board of the Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Magazine and has contributed numerous articles.