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Paxton Shantz

B.S. 1998 Mechanical EngineeringPaxton Shantz

I am presently the Manager of the Applications Engineering Department at Delta Tau Data Systems Inc.  Delta Tau is headquartered in Chatsworth California and is a producer of cutting edge machine controllers and motor amplifiers.  These controllers and amplifiers are used in countless applications from the ordinary to extraordinary.

The primary objective of the applications engineering department is to assist our customers with the successful selection and integration of our products into their machine(s).  Other objectives include conducting training, providing on-site support, authoring manuals, constructing demos for trade shows, attending trade shows, and assisting with the development and advancement of our products.  If you would like to learn more about Delta Tau please visit

I am extremely happy with my job and believe my career is just beginning.  I owe CSUN credit for the part it has played in allowing me to obtain my present goals and the confidence to pursue more ambitious ones.  Besides the standard curriculum, I believe a majority of the credit belongs to the engineering department staff and special programs such as Honors Co-Op and Formula SAE.

In addition to a successful career I have found great happiness with family life.  I have provided the attached photograph to show off my wife and kids. At left is my 4 year old son, middle my beautiful wife, and right my 3 year old daughter.  It was taken on a recent family vacation to Spain and provides me reason to make the most of my abilities and put into to practice the knowledge and experience I have gained.