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Michael A. Gallo

B.S. 1966

Career Summary

Mr. Gallo is a member of the first CSUN Engineering graduation class in 1966. He recently retired after a successful career as a System Technical director and Project/Program Manager, during which he led all technical and business aspects for the development of advanced guidance, target acquisition, and surveillance sensor/systems. These sensor/systems were the first implementations of their type at the time and demonstrated the ability to transform advanced technology from notional sensor/systems into practical product applications.


Professional Work Experience

Alliant Techsystems, Program Manager
- LOCUSP – Led program/technical development of first infrared camera to use uncooled microbolometer FPA detector technology (Low Cost Uncooled Sensor Prototype).
- Remote Sentry – Led program development and demonstration of first autonomous battlefield surveillance system to integrate acoustic sensor technology for cueing of Electro-optic sensors.
- IMF/IUGS – Led program development and demonstration of first practical application of acoustic arrays for long range air/ground target detection, classification and location under noisy battlefield conditions. Demonstrated first application of acoustic arrays for application on combat vehicles
- APLA - Led successful proposal activity to win U.S Army Anti-Personnel Mine Alternatives EMD Program using smart battlefield sensors and communications. - SAASM - Led successful proposal activity to win first application programs for secure SAASM GPS for use on GMLRS missile guidance system and CSEL combat survivor system programs.


Honeywell Military Avionics/Defense Systems, Technical Director/Chief Engineer/ Program Manager
- Standard Navigator – Led development or world’s first military aircraft inertial navigation system to use Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) technology.
- Design Process – Chief Engineer selected to lead organization, planning, and implementation of Honeywell Military Avionics’ first automated integrated computer aided design process system.
- GG1308 – Led Program/IPT development of first production miniature ring laser gyro and pilot production facility for use in low cost tactical missile guidance packages.


Litton Guidance & Control Systems, Systems Engineer/Project Engineer/Systems & Software Manager
- A-6A /DIANE (ASQ-61) – Provided system technical support to U.S. Navy squadron for first operational deployment aboard an aircraft carrier of A-6A aircraft to use Digitally Integrated Attack and Navigation Equipment for day/night, all weather attack capability.
- CAINS I/IA (ASN-92/130) – Led Project engineering development of first fully automatic carrier align aircraft inertial navigation system used on A-6E, E-2C, S-3A, F-14, and F-18 aircraft.
- Standard Navigator – Led Project engineering and systems/software design for development of the first U.S. Air force Standard INS used for the F-16, A-10, and C-130 aircraft.



BSE, California State University, Northridge, California
MBA/MS Graduate course credit for Management and Operations Research at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, and California State University, Northridge, CA
Honeywell Advanced Program for Middle Managers



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