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Maricar Lagman

B.S. 1994Maricar Lagman

College Education: B.S Degree in Computer Science in 1994 from CSUN

A challenge-driven, sports enthusiast with a passion for life is how one can describe Maricar Lagman. She has led her life by the determination to overcome life’s challenges, and turn the lemons into lemonade. Challenges for Maricar started very young. At the ripe young age of 8, she lost her mother who suddenly died from an aneurism. She had to grow up fast, and be the “mom” for her two younger siblings. But instead of feeling sorry for herself because they had to grow up without a mom, she decided to take that experience and turn it into a positive. She realized at a young age that life is short and it is meant to be lived to its fullest. 

Maricar Lagman

This realization and determination to “live life” and succeed has led Maricar to achieve in many areas of her life. From childhood, Maricar’s academic achievements include attaining positions as Student Body President (King Jr. High School), National Honor Society President (John Marshall High School), Society of Women Engineers President (California State University Northridge). She also graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from CSUN, as well as graduating as “Top Graduating Senior” (which only 7 out of the graduating class of 7,000 was able to achieve), “Top Computer Science Student”, and “Top Engineering Student.”

Maricar realized that education was a very important element in succeeding and wanted to make her mom (her guardian angel up in heaven) proud. She not only put herself through college by working 3 jobs, but by the many scholarships she was able to obtain.

Academic achievement is only one area of Maricar’s determination to succeed. She had purchased her first home on her own, as well as achieved management status within the Walt Disney Corporation before she was 30. At the Disney Internet Group, Maricar held the position of International Online Technical Operations Manager, overseeing Webmasters in Japan, London, and Paris. Her technical resume boasts of over 13 years of internet development and operations experience from many different .com startups (starting in the early 90’s).

Having a passion for life and an adventurous spirit has led Maricar to seek residence in Hawaii. She one day decided to pick up, sell her home, and move to Hawaii. Within 6 months of making that decision to move (while on vacation sitting on the beach in Kailua, Hawaii on Jan. 2001), she sold her home in Venice Beach, California, and made Hawaii her new home. Hawaii offers her the playground for her sports enthusiast side. She loves to play beach and indoor volleyball, surf, kayak, hike, and just about anything fun under the paradise sun, where beautiful weather can be found year-round. She is proud to call Hawaii, the island of Oahu her new “home.”

Volleyball has been such a passion of Maricar's, that she has had the opportunity to play beach volleyball back in 2001 with 2004 Olympics Gold Medalist, Misty May and 2004 Olympics Bronze Medalist, Holly McPeak.

Her latest adventure is living life to it’s fullest in paradise, while starting her own web development business in 2004 called She recently incorporated her business as Web Designs Hawaii, Inc. Visit her website,, at a browser near you.

She was recently engaged to her Honolulu Firefighter boyfriend, Larry. As her life’s motto is “Life’s an adventure, just flow with it,” join her in her adventure in paradise.

Maricar Lagman