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Hilary L. Glazer

B.A. 1976

Graduated in December 1976 but participated in the graduation ceremony of June 1977. Received B.A. in a special field: Chemical Biology. Studied the behavior of organic chemicals, including DNA and RNA, the compounds that store all genetic info. Upon entering the career world, however, became engrossed in the field of computer software. This led to the design, code and test of one of the earliest GPS (Global Positioning System) units. Since then, GPS has become a worldwide success.

Currently retired and pursuing various entrepreneurial efforts with my own company, developing both material and virtual projects. Planning creativity-oriented DVDs of stories and brain-teasers. Creating a fashion line for super-plus-size ladies. Devising several projects to help teach reading and english. My most current effort is a streamlined method of analyzing the foreign exchange market.