Honor's Co-Op

Why Honor's Co-Op?

Why should you consider the Honor's Co-Op? 

The main reason for participating in the Co-Op program is to gain valuable, real-life experience while still in college. An added bonus is that you get paid while doing so.

The experience you get from Co-Op becomes a part of your resume, and most companies consider the Co-Op as a year of professional experience. It may even be applicable to the experience requirement for Professional Engineering registration.

Historically, over 93% of the Honors Co-Op interns are offered full time employment at the end of their internship.

The Honors Co-Op is a honor program. You get recognition just by being selected into the program. See the Student Brochure for more information 

Testimony of Students 

Former Mechanical Engineering Student

"Honors Co-Op was the most important single thing I probably did in school to prepare me for a job in professional engineering."

A Computer Science Student

"The Honors Co-Op program has enhanced my knowledge of course material through practical and hands-on work experience. As a part of professional team, I was given equal work assignments as other co-workers. I was provided with full resources to help me accomplish my work assignments."