Honor's Co-Op

Why be a Sponsor?

Why be a Sponsoring Employer? 

You get the opportunity to hire our most promising engineering and computer science students as interns.

All Honor Co-Op students are screened and nominated by college faculty.

Historically, more than 93% of the Honors Co-Op interns accept permanent positions with the sponsoring companies. Thus, you have the opportunity to start training your future employees early.

You make a direct and positive contribution to the training and education of engineers and computer scientists in the San Fernando Valley.


Testimony of Industry Supervisor 


"Honors Co-Op Student has developed several advanced applications related to e-business. He has assisted managers in tracking the action items relating to various projects and programs. Thorough his efforts, the company's website is much more search engine friendly. Search engine recognition has gone up 300%. He works hard and produces excellent results. We are fortunate to have him on our staff. If anything, as his supervisor, I think he takes his work too seriously."