Honor's Co-Op

Instructions for Intern Forms

Instructions For Filling In The Intern Forms

Do not attempt to recreate the forms from scratch, use the downloaded forms and fill in the needed information using Microsoft Word.

Do not fill-in these forms directly from the browser. You should save the form to a file on your computer (or to the CSUN U drive)  and then edit the file using Microsoft word. If you do not have access to a suitable computer at home/work then please use a computer in any CECS/CSUN lab.

Specific Instructions

1. Download and save the form file to your local computer (typically with a Right click on the file name then Save As)

2. Use the naming convention described in the CECS494HCX syllabus for naming the file on your computer

Where to submit

All electronic submissions are at www.turnitin.com   You will need to register at this site.  The ClassID and the password needed to register will be emailed to you at the start of each semester.

When to submit?

The due dates for the forms are specified in the HC calendar maintained in the HC website

FM02 is submitted only once, at the start of the internship.

FM05 is submitted once every semester- summer, fall and spring, typically towards the end of the semester before the faculty visits.