Honor's Co-Op


Printable Syllabus 


As an integral part of your CECS Honors Co-Op (HC) program you will need to enroll in a CECS494HCX class. Unlike the departmental 494 classes, the CECS494HCX classes are taken for grade and not for Credit/No-credit. Grades earned in the CECS494HCX classes contribute towards your CSUN GPA. The CECS494HCX class, in conjunction with the internship will provide you with the opportunity to acquire technical and professional skills, written and verbal presentation skills, punctuality, and organizational skills in following the rules and procedures of the internship program. During the fall semester you will participate in the Honors-Co-Op presentation competition. These classes are open only to students in the Honors Co-Op program. 


Course Selection and Sequence

As shown in Table-1 below, the CECS 494HCX classes are offered for 1, 2, or 3 units of academic credit.  Over the 12 months of the HC Co-Op year you will take classes to earn a total of 6 grade units.  Units earned from Honors Co-Op classes cannot be used to fulfill your major course requirement, however these units are used in computation of your CSUN GPA.

Table 1 : Honor's Co-Op Classes 
Class Name Applicable Grade Units 

1 Unit 


2 Units 


3 Units 

Follow the following sequence shown in Table 2 for enrolling in the Honors Co-Op classes.

Table 2 : Schedule of Honor's Co-Op Classes to be Taken 
SemesterClass to Take 

International students doing CPT should enroll in CECS494HCA.

US citizens & permanent residents are not required to enroll in any Honors Co-Op related classes during the summer semester.


All interns should enroll in CECS494HCC.


In general, all HC interns should enroll in CECS494HCC, except that any student who took CECS494HCA during the previous summer should enroll in CECS494HCB. 

Permission numbers

You will need a permission number to enroll in any CECS494HCX class. Permission numbers will be available during the course registration period.  To get a permission number email   Please read the section Email subject line format that appears later in this syllabus.


Evaluation Criteria

The criteria for earning grade points and the weight contributed by each criterion are described in Table-3 below.

Table 3 : Evaluation Criteria 
N0.CriteriaWhen and Where ? Description
1     Timely and accurate      information Returns-      FM05 & FM02 (weight      10%).

Each semester.

Electronic copy at  ecshonorsco-op@csun.edu.

See file naming convention below.

Timely and accurate filing of the FM02 & FM05 by the due dates specified in the calendar (see HC website). 

FM02 is submitted only once at the start of the internship program.  However, please submit a new FM02, if any of the information in the original FM02 should change. 

FM05 should be submitted each semester.

Failure to follow submission guidelines and making tardy submissions will result in loss of points.  

Please submit these forms even if you are not enrolled in any CECS494HCX class (e.g. over summer).


Faculty advisor evaluations (weight 10%) [WAIVED FOR SUMMER].

     Each semester. 

     Faculty advisor will      submit to academic      director.

Faculty advisor evaluation is based on student’s work and discussions with company supervisor.  See the calendar in the HC website for faculty visit days.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the faculty evaluation is in your file at the Co-Op office.  If you experience any problem in arranging the faculty visits then please email  the Co-Op office,  at least two week before the last day for faculty visits(see HC calendar) The Co-Op office will try to help resolve any problems.  If there is no faculty evaluation in your file then your grade will suffer, regardless of the cause. [WAIVED FOR SUMMER].


Supervisor evaluation (weight 20% in fall, 30% in summer & spring).

[30% for summer ] 

     Each semester you      take any      CECS494HCX class.

     Printed & signed      original at the  CECS      Honor's Co-Op office      in JD4508A.

Download the supervisor evaluation form from the Honors Co-Op website, print the form, and give it to your company supervisor to complete and sign.  Your supervisor can also complete the form  with Microsoft Word, print, and then sign.  Collect the signed and filled from your supervisor and submit it to Honor's Co-Op Office. It is your responsibility to make sure that the supervisor evaluation is in your file at the Co-Op office by the due date (see HC calendar).  If you experience any problem getting this evaluation completed, then please email the Co-Op office, at least two weeks in advance of the due date.  The Co-Op office will try to help resolve any problems.  If there is no supervisor evaluation in your file then your grade will suffer, regardless of the cause.  Supervisor evaluation requires submission of a  printed copy.  Please see the section Submitting Work that appears below in this syllabus.

Students who do not take CECS494HCX over summer, submit a total of 2 supervisor evaluations.  One in fall, covering work done in summer and fall, and one in spring covering work done in the spring semester.

4     End of semester      report (weight 25%      in fall, 35% summer      & spring).

Each semester you take any CECS494HCX class.

Electronic copy at   .

See file naming convention below.


Printed and signed original at the CECS Honor's Co-Op office in JD4508A.

Technical and quality of the end of semester report.  See guidelines  and the report format given in the HC web site; Click on the link “Hints and Resources” in the home page of the HC website.  The end of semester report requires both an emailed submission and a printed copy.  The printed submission requires a signature certification by your supervisor on the cover page; submit the original.

During summer, submit this report if you are enrolled in a CECS494HCA class.  Students who take the CECS494HCA class over summer will submit a total of 3 reports over the HC year.  One in summer, one in fall and one in spring.  Each report should be unique and cover work done only in that semester.

Students who do not take CECS494HCX over summer, submit a total of 2 reports.  One in fall, covering work done in summer and fall, and one in spring covering work done in the spring semester.


Abstract & slides for the Annual Breakfast Competition. (weight 20% in fall, 0% in summer & spring).

Fall semester only.

Electronic copy of both at  ecshonorsco-op@csun.edu

See file naming convention below.

All HC interns are expected to participate in the initial PowerPoint and abstract submission.  Points earned depend upon the quality and the contents of the PowerPoint slides and the abstract.  For more information click on the link “Hints and Resources” in the home page of the HC website.  Additionally, all HC interns are expected to attend the Annual Breakfast competition (you earn points for participation by doing so).


Responsibility, organizational skills and participation (15%).

     Each semester.

Demonstrated communication skills, ability to follow the Co-Op rules and procedures (timely and accurate report/form  submissions, enrolling in classes, arranging faculty visits, etc), organizational skills.  Participation in Co-Op meetings and functions such as the Annual Honors Co-Op Breakfast.  You will earn points by performing the tasks specified in this syllabus and the Co-Op calendar in a timely manner without having to be reminded.

Submitting Work

Please submit all items by the due dates specified in the calendar shown in the HC website. The dates shown in the online calendar takes priority over all others. 


Printed copy Submissions

The supervisor evaluation report and the end of semester report both need your supervisor’s signature. Please submit the original supervisor evaluation report and the original End of Semester Report at the same time. Hand deliver these at the CECS Honor's Co-Op office in JD4508A. Please don’t submit your printed copy items to anyone else or anywhere else. Only the submissions made in JD4508A will receive credit. 


Electronic submissions

All submissions, other than those requiring a supervisor’s signature should be submitted at   All submissions at this site are time stamped by the system and this time is used for determining timeliness of the submission. All times are in Pacific time zone. Each semester, you will need to register as a student for the the CECS494HCX class you are taking. You will receive the class number and the registration password by email. 


Email subject line format

There is a filter that automatically processes the emails you send to . The filter is triggered by the subject line and the attachment name. It is vital that your email should have a correctly formed subject line and a correctly formed name for the attachment. An incorrectly formed subject line or an incorrectly formed attachment name may result in the loss of the submission and a grade of F. Please make sure that the subject line is formed exactly as specified in Table 4 below, please do not insert any extra spaces or characters. 

Table 4 : Format for the e-mail Subject Line 
Class Name Applicable Grade Units 
When requesting a permission number. 

pnum-your last name-first name-course for which you are requesting the permission number.


Note that only lower case letters should appear in the subject line.

Examples of well formed email subject lines




File naming convention

The name of the file submitted at ecshonorsco-op@csun.edu have the the artifact type followed by your name. See examples below.


Examples of well formed file names submitted at 







Examples of well formed file names submitted at www.turnitin.com

There will be zero-tolerance for cheating and plagiarism. The abstracts and end of semester reports submitted for grading are expected to be your own work. Copying text from websites and other documents without quoting sources will be treated as cheating and will be penalized severely, including assignment of the “F” grade. Anti plagiarism tools such as Turnitin.com may be used to verify originality of the submitted work. The CSUN rules and guidelines for avoiding academic dishonesty apply to the work submitted for grading. Please follow the quoting and source referencing guidelines provided in the section ACADEMIC DISHONESTY in the csun website Faculty Policy. These rules and guidelines are also available in the printed version of the CSUN Schedule of Classes and in the current CSUN catalog. 


Arranging faculty visits

Faculty advisor visits occur during the weeks shown in the calendar (see HC calendar). The Co-Op office will email you the name and the email address of your faculty advisor. Please email your faculty advisor to arrange the site visit. When you do so, attach a copy of your current FM02 form. Please support the faculty advisor in arranging the visit with you and your company supervisor. In preparation for the faculty visit produce a brief a description of your assignments and accomplishments for this semester and hand this to the faculty advisor. This is NOT the end of semester report. If you do not hear from the faculty advisor within 2 weeks after you have emailed him/her then please contact the faculty again and also E-Mail the co-op office at ecshonorsco-op@csun.edu requesting assistance.