Energy Research Center


The primary purpose of the Energy Research Center is to promote, coordinate, facilitate and implement research and development projects in new or alternative energy sources, conservation and sustainability practices, and to bridge the gap between the state-of-the-art and the state-of-practice in energy utilization. Faculty, visiting scholars and post doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students will participation in the research projects and activities of the Center. The involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in research and development projects will be one of the key goals of the Center.

The activities of the Center are consistent with the mission of the University and support it through providing opportunities for faculty, scholars and students to engage in research, scholarship, and active learning. The research opportunities provided by the Center will promote innovation, creativity, and intellectual growth in the area of energy research. Moreover, the Center will provide a path for engagement with local agencies and firms involved with energy research and management. The Center will also reinforce the University’s commitment to excellence.