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Year-End Message from Dean Tarver Behring (2020-21)

Shari Tarver Behring

As we move into the final weeks of this most unprecedented year of virtual instruction, we celebrate all members of our college community for their resiliency, commitment, and outstanding performance. A special congratulations to our credential candidates and graduates who are completing their programs! We are a mighty college and have continued to shine through the clouds of COVID-19!

The future looks hopeful as we receive indicators from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health that the pandemic is easing.. The beginning of fall semester will still see the majority of our classes remaining in a virtual format and on-campus COVID protocols and social distancing safety requirements will continue. However, we anticipate safety requirements to be eased as we move through the semester, and with vaccines now universally available, we can expect ongoing relaxing of COVID protocols. With this in mind, we believe that some classes may elect to hold in-person class sessions later in the Fall 2021 semester depending on student and faculty circumstances. The fall schedule can now be viewed at the online class schedule.  For the most updated information, please check with the course instructor at the beginning of the semester about the manner in which the class sessions will be offered. Please note that we plan to move the majority of our classes to an in-person format in the Spring 2022 semester, as long as safety permits this.

Most of the K-12 school districts and community centers in Southern California will begin the Fall 2021 semester in an in-person format, and our students scheduled for student teaching or fieldwork placements in Fall 2021 will be expected to be physically present where they are placed for student teaching or fieldwork as well. Information for students who wish to defer placement can be found below. For information about safety protocol at CSUN and at field sites, please see the "Fieldwork Information" section below.

We want to especially recognize our College of Education students who will be completing their credential program and/or graduating from a Masters degree program this May. Your perseverance and tenacity to complete your education speaks to your commitment and vision for yourself and those you will impact positively in the future. Please plan to join in the many celebrations in May which can be viewed at this link (virtual commencement ceremonies). Information about college hooding ceremonies and receptions will be made available to students through the departments or credential office. Many of these events will include graduates and credential candidates from both last year and this year to have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements. CSUN  will also host in-car Commencement Parades May 25 through May 28

In closing, may you all remain safe as you move forward in your academic endeavors, and may you each contribute to making the world a better place in your own special way. We in the College of Education will be right here cheering you on!

Shari Tarver Behring, Dean

Shari Tarver Behring

Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Fieldwork Information

Our credential candidates and many other students in community placements scheduled for student teaching for fieldwork in Fall 2021 will be expected to conduct their student teaching or fieldwork in-person, and most supervision will be offered in-person at school or community sites as well. All candidates will be expected to be physically present in the classroom or community center where they are placed for student teaching or fieldwork. For candidates unable to participate in person, see the paragraph on deferred placement below. We adhere to guidance from the governor, state and local health authorities, and our university safety committee, and our college safety protocol includes the following:

  • Candidates will follow the health and safety guidelines of the schools, districts, and/or community centers where they are placed;
  • Candidates will complete COVID-19 Safety Training through CSUN [Candidates will receive further information about this at orientation];
  • Candidates will sign an Acknowledgment of Risk/Safety Training form that includes COVID-19 language [Candidates will receive further information about this at orientation;
  • Candidates will be prepared to shift from in-person to virtual teaching or counseling, or from virtual to in-person teaching or counseling, as circumstances in individual classrooms, schools, districts and/or community centers require;
  • Candidates will be responsible for obtaining their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as face coverings, gloves, or other items as recommended by the Los Angeles County or CDC COVID guidelines:



  • Candidates will be responsible for obtaining COVID-19 testing if that is required by the schools, districts, and/or community centers where they are placed;
  • Candidates will monitor their own health and follow guidelines for being absent from school or other fieldwork sites (notifying both the fieldwork placement site and CSUN immediately); and
  • Interns and Administrative Services candidates working as employees in schools and districts may have additional requirements through their district.

Candidates Electing to Defer Placement

The University recognizes that, in some instances, candidates will choose not to participate in fieldwork in Fall 2021 because of personal risk. Candidates may make this choice freely, and they are not required to provide the faculty or staff with any reasoning or justification.  A candidate that has not yet begun the course that includes the student teaching or fieldwork placement may defer enrollment. If a candidate has begun the course that includes placement, and chooses to discontinue work in the placement as in-person placement is now required, an attempt will be made to work out a virtual option. However, this cannot be guaranteed, and if this is not possible, the candidate can request a withdrawal from the course. The withdrawal will not count as an “attempt” at student teaching or other fieldwork, but it will require the candidate to retake the course and pay tuition in a later semester to complete program requirements.