Teachers Who Inspire

Erica Lundy

Erica Lundy M.A. ’15 (Elementary Curriculum and Instruction) is a third-grade teacher who President Barack Obama named the science recipient for Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. CSUN's emphasis on inclusion helped prepare her for a diverse classroom in which 11 different languages are spoken.

Isela Lieber

Isela Lieber ’00 (English), M.A. ’02 (Educational Administration) was 17 years old when moved from Guayaquil, Ecuador to the United States — without a high school education or knowing a word of English. Now she teaches English Language Development at the high school level. Her students are primarily immigrants, and she connects with them because they remind her of herself. In 2016, state officials recognized her as one of five California Teachers of the Year.

Erin Studer

Erin Studer Ph.D. ’12 (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) has provided training for hundreds of teachers in the areas of neurodevelopment and cooperative learning strategies, and has consulted with several local schools and districts on the design and implementation of professional development programs.