Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Visual and Performing Arts

Drama Workshop:
This energetic class offers students training in acting skills (monologues, dialogues, and group scenes from a variety of sources), theater production, and rehearsal techniques, which culminates in a performance before a live audience. This course provides students with the opportunity to study theater through the process of planning, producing, rehearsing and presenting a variety of theater projects, including short plays, scenes and monologues, storytelling or children’s theater performances.

Drawing Fundamentals:
This course focuses on drawing techniques and the development of art skills that are both technical and intuitive. Students will experiment with a variety of media, including pencil, charcoal, oil pastel, and colored pencils. Proportion, values, and color relationships are key skills that will be practiced through a variety of assignments, as well as observations.

Exploratory Art:
This course introduces the student to the principles of design through an exploration of significant historical art and art movements--from the earliest art to the 21st century. The student will then experiment with different media in creating art in the style of the movements studied.  The assignments will use a variety of art mediums in order to gain an understanding of the different expressive qualities of those materials. 

Guitar for Beginners:
Guitar is a beginning course designed to provide students with the basic skills needed for recreational guitar playing.  Music reading, strumming, and picking techniques will be covered as well as tuning and care of the guitar.  Basic instructional materials will be provided but students must bring a guitar.

Musical Theater:
This energetic class offers students extensive training in acting skills, dance, voice, theatre production, and rehearsal techniques, which culminates in a performance before a live audience.

Theater Games:
Come to this fun and interactive class and develop techniques for comedic timing, dynamic storytelling, and animated performing. Not only will you have fun, but these skills are useful in learning and living. Expect the unexpected as you are challenged to think quickly, play improvisational games, and stretch your imagination!

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