Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Special Interest

Greek to Me:
Students will learn about Greek culture, mythology and the origins of theater in Ancient Greece. They will also rehearse and perform a play about Greek mythology.

History's Mysteries:
In this class, students will get the chance to experience “living history” through creative and exciting ways. Various types of active learning simulations and activities, and hands-on investigations will be used. Students will gather, analyze, and interpret evidence while participating in the events.  Students will engage in several happenings that have shaped our world and country.  Historical background, geography, and biographies will be used as a springboard for each historical period or event studied.

Leadership Skills:
This course will help students develop leadership styles, characteristics, and skills by working independently as well as cooperatively in groups. We will focus on communication, goal-setting/ attainment, public speaking, and values of successful leaders. Perfect for students interested in planning school activities, events, and participating in student leadership opportunities. Students will become more confident, have fun, and make new friends all at the same time!

Public Speaking:
This course is will develop and improve public speaking, argumentation, and critical-thinking skills in various communication settings. Students will prepare and deliver speeches and participate in various types of in-class debates and forums on current topics. Techniques will be taught to control speech anxiety.  Students will practice structuring and organizing information effectively for oral presentation before a variety of audiences. The fundamentals of physical and vocal delivery skills, use of language and gesturing, as well as listening skills will be learned.

Study Skills:
It is never too late to learn! This course is designed to help students improve in a variety of areas, including: listening; speaking; reading; writing; note-taking; studying for tests; critical thinking; time management; memorization techniques; and goal-setting.

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