Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Spanish III AB

Prerequisite: C or better in Spanish II 
Course/Material Fee: $25.00

Description: This is a rigorous course designed to complete a year-long Spanish III AB class during our five-week summer school. Thus the students are taught at an accelerated pace and should expect to have a minimum of 1 hour of homework each night. In order to be successful in this course, students need a strong background in Spanish II AB and a consistent work ethic. Be aware that the course is not an introduction to Spanish III. If your child needs to complete just one semester of this course, you may register for just that one semester. However, there is no fee reduction. Also, if your child only needs to take the second semester, we recommend that they attend the first semester as well to help prepare them for the second.  FIELD TRIP TO OLVERA STREET.  $25.00 FEE.

Syllabus: (download)

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Spanish III