Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Self Defense and Awareness

Description: Learn teamwork, leadership, problem-solving skills, and gain confidence, while learning how to protect yourself! In this class, the student will not only learn how to physically protect themselves with a combination of martial arts moves but will also learn the psychology that typically drives the decisions of both the perpetrator and victim. “Awareness” is included in the title because the simple act of being aware can greatly reduce the possibility of you being a victim. This class is packed with priceless, life-saving information that equips you with the knowledge you need: to change your habits and routines, to formulate and carry out a plan of action to protect yourself and the ones you love, to identify the potential dangers in everyday situations, and to recognize and listen to your body’s distress signals and learn how to act on them. There’s no need to wait until the threat is upon you to be able to do something about it.

The physical defense portion of the class is filled with simple, easy-to-remember, yet highly effective techniques to distance yourself, get the attacker's hands off of you, and stop the attack. During this portion of the class I will also dispel the common mental blocks that people have to protecting themselves, feeling that they are not strong enough or capable of being effective.