Summer Academic Enrichment Program


How Things Work:
Have you ever looked around you and wondered how does that happen? Do you know how electricity is generated and transported? How an image in one place in the world can be seen in another in real time? How instruments create music? Why ice is the only solid that floats in its liquid form.  Why the sky is blue but sunsets are red? Why ice skating or bicycling is possible?  How do people of different weights balance on a seesaw? These are just a few of the possible topics discussed in this hands-on science course.  Students will explore theory and then look at practical examples of science in action.

What are MythBusters?  It's a tough job separating truth from legend, but that is the purpose of the MythBusters.  In this exciting class, students do hands-on experiments that test popular myths and detect what is real and what is fiction.  Students will hypothesize and then perform precise tests to "Prove" or "Bust" myths.  This class helps students understand how applying the scientific method to problems solving can be fun, exciting and really cool.

Our robotics class is an excellent way for students to see the practical application and interconnections of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Students will learn to build VEX robots with emphasis on construction and design, in addition to programing. We have found VEX to be challenging yet accessible to students of different skill and knowledge levels. Students will get real-world experiences and develop self-confidence as they collaborate in teams and engage in a variety of competitions to test the designs and construction ability.

Rockets and Roller Coasters:
Want to know what it takes to be a rocket scientist or a roller coaster engineer?  During this class, students will discover engineering challenges while building their own rockets and roller coasters.  This class will help students learn about scientific problem solving and the exploration of several science themes. What more can you ask for while learning about the physics of flight, forces and motion?

Science Olympiad:
Science Olympiad is a science investigation class based on the content and competitions of the National Science Olympiad.  The class is designed for the student to explore and apply scientific knowledge and concepts for team competition.  Projects involve scientific problem solving, real-life applications of science concepts, and research and exploration of science concepts. The class will also help students learn how to problem solve as a scientific team in order to complete tasks efficiently and successfully.  

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