Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Physics AB

Course Overview:

This course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of physics in all its aspects, from mechanics to modern physics.  Problem solving techniques and approaches are emphasized to give students a deeper understanding of the physics.  Applications to everyday life will be applied throughout the course.  Students must be strong in the area of algebra and trigonometry.

Course Description:

  1. Restate and summarize the basic concepts, laws, and models of physics. 
  2. Examine and appreciate the historical perspectives in the study of physics, realizing that most current laws and models were developed from discoveries in the past.    
  3. Apply physics concepts to other fields of science, as well as to “real-life everyday” situations. 
  4. Use sound scientific problem-solving techniques and apply physics concepts in problem-solving situations, understanding that mathematics is only a tool in this process. 
  5. Develop and utilize the fundamental and derived units of measurement to describe and compare the relationships among the quantities of physics. 
  6. Given specific “problem” in physics, design a scientific experiment with the appropriate controls and scientific method to “solve” the problem. 
  7. Given data from an experiment in physics, use deductive and inductive reasoning to pose questions and generate solutions and conclusions.
  8. Given data from experiment in physics, express the data graphically, using the graphical information to analyze the relationships among the variables.

Syllabus: (download)