Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Personal Finance


Mathematics plays a fundamental role in today’s world, including our complex financial environment. The Personal Financial course will explore areas of mathematics that help us understand, predict, and control our financial world.  Topics such as investments, the stock market, business start-ups, banking, credit cards, insurance, car buying, business planning, home buying, and budgeting are the framework in which students will explore and master mathematical concepts and skills such as data analysis (scatter plots, averages, frequency distributions); fitting data to equations; linear, quadratic, exponential, and piecewise models; interest formulas ; and present and future value.
This course is designed to develop a strong foundation in logical thinking and problem solving that will enable students to make informed decisions regarding matters of money and finance in their daily lives. Students will learn through engagement in collaborative learning, problem-solving, modeling, application, and critical thinking.
Unit Topics:
Week 1  --  Banking Services           
Week 2  --  Modeling a business        
Week 3  --  Consumer Credit
Week 4  --  Automobile Ownership
Week 5  --  Independent Living 
Summer Project: The Stock Market    
Syllabus: (Download)