Summer Academic Enrichment Program


Course/Material Fee: $35.00

Description: What are MythBusters?  It's a tough job separating truth from legend, but that is the purpose of the MythBusters.  In this exciting class, students do hands-on experiments that test popular myths and detect what is real and what is fiction.  Students will hypothesize and then perform precise tests to "Prove" or "Bust" myths.  This class helps students understand how applying the scientific method to problems solving can be fun, exciting and really cool.

Can an Opera singer (or a very loud pre-teen) really shatter glass by hitting just the right note? Is it really impossible for even the greatest Origami master to fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times?  Could a child really be carried away by a bunch of helium balloons?   We'll tackle these myths and more in MythBusters.

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Mythbusters Mythbusters