Summer Academic Enrichment Program


Common Core has changed the way middle schools will be doing math. For the most part, 8th graders will no longer be taking Algebra. For this reason, our Algebra 1 Preview class is now a high school course, because it is freshman who will be taking Algebra 1 AB. We have changed our math courses so they are more in line with student interests. As the state and districts change, SAEP wants to help students continue to grow and love learning math!

Algebra in Action:
This course is for the student who has not taken Algebra I. The material covered includes: basic skills for solving equations and inequalities, which includes operations with polynomials; factoring; fractions; graphing; systems of equations; and functions. Homework.

Magic of Math
Enjoy math games, riddles, and puzzles as you learn and apply problem solving strategies. Mind-stretching activities will sharpen your math skills with mental arithmetic and paper/pencil tasks. We will watch the stock market and learn how to spend and save money.

Math Counts
A solid foundation in the concepts of mathematics is essential for success in middle school and high school math. Join us as we review and preview key concepts, engage in problem solving word problems and realize meaningful applications of new-found math skills. Math-related games will also be used to foster appreciation of subject matter.

Geometry Skills:
 This course reinforces skills from Algebra I and introduces new skills from Geometry. It also develops logical thinking by providing the basics of deductive and inductive reasoning. Homework.

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