Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Language Arts

As the Page Turns:
This course seeks to give weak and reluctant readers lots of practice reading books that do not push them to the top level of their reading skills. Rather, the quality literature is low-stress, offering lots of variety — fiction that will engage their minds and imaginations without over-burdening their concentrations. Struggling readers are likely to become strong and eager readers when they feel that reading is a privilege and not a chore.

Creative Writing:
This course focuses on writing as an art form. The aspects focused on are narration, plot, theme, description, dialogue, and characterization. These fundamental features of the short story are the focal point of impactful creative writing. The course will be fun, enriching & engaging. The scope and breadth of creativity offered in this course will produce a permanent, life-long experience that will transfer to many other walks of life.

Reading- Power:
This course is designed for students reading at- or above- grade level. Vocabulary development, comprehension, study skills, and speed-reading will be stressed. The focus will be on improving reading proficiency and skills through challenging and pleasurable methodologies. Daily home reading required.

Writing 6:
This course allows the student to participate in a program of writing activities designed to develop effective writing skills. Both creative and expository writing will be practiced in a variety of assignments.  The student will read, analyze and stylistically write in poetic, narrative, expository, and persuasive forms.  The application and identification of basic English grammar and vocabulary, as well as proofreading, editing, and the writing process are addressed and reinforced. Homework.

Writing 7:
This course allows the student to participate in Socratic Seminars (forums) where s/he will generate ideas and learn to dialogue in preparation for in-depth writing assignments.  The student will read and analyze numerous texts and identify the organizational patterns as precursors to learning to write clear, coherent and well-focused essays and narratives.  Homework.

Writing 8:
This course challenges the student to grow in her/his ability to use correct composition grammar, develop strong sentences, build well-structured paragraphs, and, in turn, complete a standard five-paragraph essay.  Grammar skills, proofreading, editing, and the writing process are addressed and refined.  Homework.

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