Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Intro to 2D Computer Animation

Course/Material Fee: $35.00

Course Description:

The student will learn the basics of animation development by designing a character, creating a  storyboard, and learning a variety of animation techniques. Participants will also explore the history of the medium and different styles, including classic hand-drawn animation, anime, and the world of computer-driven animation. The student will learn the basics of Adobe Flash in order to create short, original animated cartoons.

Computer Animation is a very fast-paced class with a great deal of new material given on a  daily basis; daily attendance, therefore, is strongly recommended. The instructor will lead students through numerous lessons on topics including Adobe Flash and animation drawing techniques. Time in class will involve learning about the history and processes of animation, screening and analyzing animated media, as well as learning to use Adobe Flash and produce original animated videos.

Middle School Outline: (view)  
High School Outline: (view)  
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