Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Drawing and Painting AB

Drawing and Painting AB 10 Units 
A-G Subject Area Fulfillment: Meets two semesters of the (F) Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement.
Course/Material Fee: 25.00

Teacher: Susie Felix


The purpose of this course is to improve students' drawing and painting skills through mainly project-based assignments. The course is broken down into four distinct units:
    1.   Black & White Drawing
    2.   Still Life Painting
    3.   Landscape Painting
    4.   Portraiture
At the end, students will have a portfolio of finished artwork demonstrating mastery of drawing and painting skill using a variety of artistic techniques and media ranging from pencil and charcoal to watercolors and acrylic paints.  Each assignment teaches a traditional drawing and painting method and gives students the opportunity for individual creativity and problem solving.   The assignments relate drawing and painting to contemporary and historical social, economic, religious, and cultural issues and meet each of the five content strands of the Visual Arts Standards.  All major assignments are followed by a group critique where students learn and gain practice in speaking about art.  There are also some written assignments and research projects.

Syllabus: (download)

 Location: TBD