Summer Academic Enrichment Program


3-D Modeling and Animation:This course teaches the student how to develop and animate digital models and simulations using the award-winning software application, Maya. The teacher will give step-by-step instructions to insure successful student achievement in the design and creation of modeling and animation within the 3-D environment.  Examples will be given to inspire the student’s imagination, as well as to facilitate the learning of the concepts of 3-D. The teacher will explain the science, mathematics and computer principles behind the different concepts, enabling students to successfully apply the new knowledge in different subject areas.

Digital Photography:
This course combines the skills of hands-on photography, using digital cameras, and computer knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. The student will learn basic photograph composition, special effect filtering, color correction, framing, lighting effects, resizing, layering, and sharpness. Students will also learn how to find, create, and combine online digital and scanned images, and a variety of other beginning to intermediate photo editing techniques. The student will create a portfolio of original works of art.

Science, Art & Computer Games: (Girls Only) (Regular) (Advanced)
Use your creativity, logic and art skills to create computer games using Scratch (  We will explore the science of motion and forces to create computer games, animations and simulations.  Discover how to bring your art to life and develop real programming skills.  Using the Scratch program from MIT, students will create games and simulations to learn and illustrate concepts in astronomy, biology, and physics.  Class will include hands-on science labs and group work and is part of  an ongoing research project from the CSUN College of Education.

Animation & Cartooning:
If you ever wondered how Disney or DreamWorks make their animated features, then this is the class for you. Students will design a character, create a storyboard, and learn “pencil test” animation techniques. Participants will also explore the history of animation and the different styles of cartooning and animation including Anime, Stop, Action, and CG.

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