Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Beginning French

Course Description: This class introduces active conversation and everyday aspects of the contemporary French-speaking world. Four basic language skills are taught and practiced: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. We will be using the “Nous Sommes” curriculum, which incorporates TPRS (Total Physical Response in Storytelling). The signs that we will use for the new vocabulary words come from American Sign Language, so students will gain two languages for the price of 1!

Intro to French will prepare the student to be more comfortable in a French 1 course; it is an overview of the basics of French 1. For those who have taken French before, Intro to French will be somewhat of a review. However, we will also be doing readings and listening to songs, movie clips in French, etc… So there will be a lot of new material. For those who have never taken a French class, the student will be more prepared in a French 1 class after taking this course. 

This class will help the student acquire the fundamentals of pronunciation and grammar, practical vocabulary, useful phrases, and the ability to understand, read, write, and speak simple French. The class will prepare the student for further language study and should inspire interest in foreign travel, study, and work.


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