Summer Academic Enrichment Program

After SAEP Options

Ad-Venture (Grades 6-9)

We have had a growing interest in our afternoon classes. So this summer, we are offering a variety of classes. From 12:35 - 12:55 p.m. there will be a supervised lunch time. From 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. your child will take the 'Ad-Venture' class. You register for this extended day on the registration form.

Each Ad Venture class is one week long. We encourage you to enroll in a variety of classes so your child can experience Ad-Venture to its fullest. You can enroll in one week or all five weeks; whatever fits your needs. Each class/week is $50, so pick and choose as you wish. (Typing is the only 5 week long course. Cost: $250)

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
Magic of Math Magic of Math Magic of Math Magic of Math
Magic of Math  
Digital Photography Digital Photography Digital Photography Digital Photography Digital Photography 
RocketsRoller CoastersRocketsRoller CoastersRockets
Reading for PleasureReading for PleasureReading for PleasureReading for PleasureReading for Pleasure
Escape RoomEscape RoomEscape RoomEscape RoomEscape Room
  Set Design and Costuming 

 After School Supervision:  Tennis Camp -or- Sunny Days

  • SAEP coordinates student pick-up with both camps.
  • The camp representative comes to the designated areas each day to pick up the students who are signed up in their programs.
  • The camp representative will then wait there until all their students are accounted for and walk them over to their program.

Tennis Camp

If you are looking for extended hours beyond what SAEP offers, the Tennis camp is a great option. Their website is and they have many different programs from which to chose. We are not affiliated, but we do coordinate with them for pick-up after our classes are over.

Sunny Days Camp

Sunny Days Camp is an accredited summer day camp that is open to children entering grades K-7 in the fall. Our multi-purpose camp facility is conveniently equipped with a swimming pool, air conditioned playrooms, secure outdoor play areas, and on-site food service. Their website is: