Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Adventures in Algebra


Adventures in Algebra has four levels. Once students are registered, they will be required to take an assessment to ensure proper placement.


Level 1: This class is designed for students who would benefit from an overview of operations with fractions, decimal numbers, working with integers (positive and negative numbers), percentages, and equations. Syllabus

Level 2: This class is designed to emphasize the study of multiple representations of linear and non-linear functions. It includes mathematical concepts for working with rational numbers, various expressions, and analyzing and solving linear equations and inequalities. Our class is conducted via discussion, modeling, and practice. Students will be asked to take notes. Students have to have a solid understanding of basic math (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions). Syllabus

Level 3:  This class is for the proficient math student who is mostly ready for advanced Algebra and is designed to improve student understanding, achievement and interaction with advanced mathematical concepts integral in the accomplished stages of successful manipulation of algebraic expressions. Students will benefit by increasing their skills in linear equations, functions, geometry (rigid transformations) and statistics and probability (investigations of association in bivariate data). Syllabus

Level 4: Symbolic reasoning and calculations with symbols are central to Algebra. Through the study of Algebra preparation, a student develops an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences. In addition, algebraic skills and concepts are developed and used in a wide variety of problem-solving situations. Syllabus