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Parties with a Purpose

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Make that party you’re planning
a party with a purpose.

A party with a purpose is a fun, no-pressure event to share information about Strength United and create the opportunity for your friends to support our work. It’s easy. Just invite folks who like to have a good time. Throw in a little food. Mix in a lot of fun. Do it all to make a difference. Before you’re scraping guacamole off of the ceiling fan, your Strength United party will have made an incredible difference in the lives of many.

Yes, raising money is a priority when it comes to throwing a party for Strength United, but it's bigger than that. It's about ending abuse, empowering families, and developing leaders. No need to pressure your friends into making HUGE donations at your party (though that would certainly be nice if they feel called to do so). An easy monthly gift of $30 is a great place to start. We’ve also had students host “Clean Out Your Pockets” parties where everyone simply donates whatever cash they’re carrying at the time of the party. Some folks just make an announcement and follow it up with the passing of a hat. It can be as involved or as simple as you want. Here’s how it goes: you entertain your guests, and then invite them to make a contribution to Strength United. You deliver the donations to Strength United. It’s that easy.

We know from experience that people are really moved by the experience of having a good time AND doing something that is so critically-needed in the community. When they understand how easy it is to help, they are excited to get involved.

Let Us Help!

When you pick a date for your party, let us know. Email so we can help you make it a success. We’ll provide information about Strength United, a donation box, a link to our two-minute video to inspire your guests, and may be able to provide a volunteer to attend to the “purpose,” while you handle the “party.”

And please let us know how it goes. Send us your photos and videos to and we’ll post them to inspire others to get involved.

What kind of party can I host? You’re limited only by your own imagination. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Holiday Party
Dinner Party
Pool Party
Beach Party
Cocktail Party
Birthday Party
Wine & Cheese Party
Brunch or Luncheon
Block Party
Anniversary Party
Costume Party
Vegas Gambling Theme
Sporting Event Party
Dessert & Coffee
Ugly Sweater Party
Game Night

I’m ready to host a party. What’s next? Just send an email to We’ll contact you to discuss the details of your party and support you in any way we can.