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Volunteer Profile: Dennese

May 9, 2014

Strength United is fortunate to have so many outstanding volunteers supporting our critical mission to end abuse, empower families, and develop leaders. We are grateful for all that they do and are humbled by their selfless commitment to others. Please join us in taking a moment to recognize an amazing individual and top-notch volunteer: Dennese. We thank you, Dennese, for your dedication and extraordinary service. 

Dennese - Volunteer Advocate"I chose to volunteer at Strength United because I wanted to gain experience in in the field. I plan on doing something similar with my career. I also wanted to learn more about what Strength United was; I saw the flyers and heard it was a wonderful place that helped victims of sexual assault. I wanted to be a part of that because I wanted to be able to empower and help individuals and their families move forward and heal, so not only do I gain experience, but I also get to contribute to the community and to Strength United.

What I've liked the most is that Strength United is a very rewarding organization in different ways. The staff and other volunteers are great to work with and are very friendly. I have gained experience that is needed for my future endeavors, and most importantly have been able to help! Being supportive to the survivors followed by being reassured that you've helped them begin to think about the healing process is rewarding in itself. 

I am a full time student but I have not graduated from CSUN yet, I just transferred there this fall and I'm working towards a BA in Sociology. My goal is to become a social worker. So, I still have some school left in my time card, but I am on track to graduate by Spring of 2015.

I'm a family person so I enjoy surrounding myself with my loved ones. I enjoy hiking! Being outdoors on a nice warm day and breathing the fresh air is the greatest because I have time to just enjoy nature and work out. I also enjoy bowling. I bowl very often; it helps me relieve stress and take my mind off of everyday things because it's fun to me. Although I'm not the best bowler, it is one of my favorite things to do."