Valley Trauma Center

Valley Trauma Center is now Strength United

April 8, 2014

We are very excited to announce that, effective today, Valley Trauma Center is changing its name to Strength United. The new name is the product of a two-year collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to develop a name reflecting our belief in the capacities of those we serve while also reflecting the collaborative nature of our efforts to end abuse, empower families and develop leaders.

Initially established as a rape crisis center responding to individuals, children and families; our organization has evolved into a comprehensive child maltreatment, domestic violence and sexual abuse intervention, education and prevention social service agency.  With offices located in Northridge, Santa Clarita and Van Nuys, we provide a 24-Hour support and referral line; survivor accompaniments to forensic medical evidentiary exams, police departments and courts; individual, family, and group counseling for all ages; case management; advocacy; clinical internships; and prevention programming across the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. Our Family Justice Center is the first of its kind in Los Angeles County and represents a unique public-private partnership to end violence in our community.  Onsite partners working alongside Strength United at the Family Justice Center include the Los Angeles Police Department, Major Assault Crimes Unit; Center for Assault Treatment Services; Los Angeles City Attorney's Office and Jewish Family Services Family Violence Project.

These achievements would not have been possible without the strength of those who came before us in the child protection, battered women and rape crisis movements. That strength extends to our own staff, volunteers and multidisciplinary partners who bear witness each day to stories of extraordinary abuse and violence and give of themselves to create meaningful differences in the lives of those we serve. Lastly, strength reflects our empowerment-based approach and the enormous courage displayed by all those affected by abuse and violence. Strength honors all that has been achieved, all that we see each day and all clients we come in contact with.

As a chartered center of California State University, Northridge, our uniqueness has always been the capacity to unite students, faculty and researchers in our work, developing greater understanding of our field and preparing future leaders who will be agents of change. From our early beginnings, we recognized we could not do this work alone. United we are stronger, reaching across the multiple disciplines to develop vibrant response teams, advisory councils, work groups, task forces and multidisciplinary co-located service models. We acknowledge that it takes a team approach.  More importantly, united reflects our partnership with those we serve, privileging the client over the system. Side–by-side, we strive to restore their lives through compassion, cultural synthesis, and evidence informed practices.

We invite you to also unite with us in this important work. Learn more about our name change at our new website and on our Facebook page. Only together will we continue to lessen abuse and restore the lives of those touched by violence.


Charles Hanson, PhD
Executive Administrator

Kim Goldberg-Roth, MS, LMFT
Executive Director