Valley Trauma Center

StrengthUnited Supports Our Community Through Crisis

October 29, 2020

Stephanie Molen, with a representative from Forces of Nature Productions, picking up a donation of stuffed animals for children

StrengthUnited provides intervention, prevention, and outreach services to thousands of children, adults, and families throughout our community, and hundreds of CSUN students have received their undergraduate and graduate training there. When COVID-19 pandemic turned our world upside down, StrengthUnited quickly adapted in order to continue providing 24/7 crisis services, and expanded their work to meet the growing need and reduce factors known to contribute to abuse and maltreatment.

Calls to StrengthUnited for help with urgent Domestic Violence-related crises have increased by 42% since the beginning of the pandemic. Pandemics, financial insecurity, stress and uncertainty lead to increased aggression at home. In addition, there is an increased risk for child abuse, especially among families that were abusive prior to the pandemic

Thanks to emergency funding from private donors, Visionary Women, Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, J.B. & Emily Van Nuys Charities, and supplies from supporters including Forces of Nature Production, StrengthUnited was able to increase their capacity to meet the needs of the community - intentionally developing supportive services and resources aimed at reducing factors know to contribute to abuse:  Economic assistance, transportation vouchers, access to food resources and “homework help” sessions on line.

Funding Information

  • Van Nuys Charities - $300,000 for operating and for Project Safe Dates
  • LA Covid Relief Fund - $75,000
  • Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles - $23,257 for Project Safe Haven
  • Visionary Women - $10,000 for Covid response
  • Southland Regional Association of Realtors - $1,000 for Covid response

StrengthUnited continues to provide 24/7 crisis intervention, on-site accompaniments, counseling services, and prevention programming. As a partner in the Los Angeles Mayor's Project Safe Haven, StrengthUnited helped relocate 45 people, including 22 families with children, to emergency shelter.

To learn more about StrengthUnited’s efforts to support our community during this unprecedented time, visit