Valley Trauma Center

Strength United Receives 2016 Halo Award

November 7, 2016

Halo Award Deck Image

On November 1, 2016 Strength United was one of six nonprofits to receive a Halo Award from the Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation. The purpose and of the Halo Awards is to strengthen and sustain nonprofit volunteer programs and to recognize and reward volunteers doing exemplary work in their communities.  As stimulated by the Halo Awards, $20,000 is awarded to the nonprofit is to strengthen, implement, and sustain volunteer efforts and $5,000 is an awarded to the volunteer nominated by the nonprofit.

Strength United will use the funds to: 1) Strengthen vicarious trauma prevention training; 2) Provide additional Volunteer Appreciation opportunities linked to self-care; 3) Increase the capacity of peer mentors to identify and respond to vicarious trauma; and 4) Increase recruitment through redesign of multimedia materials aimed at attracting a broader array of volunteers. The volunteer who was nominated by Strength United is Ms. Cibele Souza.