Valley Trauma Center

New Volunteers to Begin Training

December 23, 2013

Center volunteersOn January 10, the center's newest group of volunteers will begin the 60-hour training course to become state-certified sexual assault advocates. 

The center relies on a unique team of dedicated volunteers working daily as rape crisis advocates, counselors and prevention educators. Volunteers are essential to the mission of the center and provide direct services to clients. Last year, volunteers answered about 800 calls to our 24-hour hotline, accompanied 609 adults and children to forensic medical examinations for sexual assault, and conducted individual, group and family therapy with over 1,000 individuals and families. 

In order to provide these vital services to the center's clients, all volunteers must complete training to become state-certified sexual assault advocates. The center offers this training course three times each year, welcoming dedicated volunteers to our family of service and giving them the skills they need to create change in our community. For more information and to apply to be a volunteer, please see our volunteer page

Thank you and welcome to our newest volunteers!