Valley Trauma Center

5% Day Check Presentation Benefiting Strength United

July 10, 2015

Whole Foods Celebrates SU Deck Image

Our Whole Foods experience has truly been amazing! Below is the perspective from the marketing team leaders, Lisa, Melissa, and Maria, who developed the Whole Strength campaign!  Their combined personal and corporate support far exceeds a usual sponsorship, much like the products Whole Foods sells and their commitment to quality.  For the FIRST time ever, the three markets dedicated their 5% days to one agency, tripling the impact of their donation with a check to Strength United for $9886.40!  We are deeply grateful to these ladies and their store teams for the generous and committed support.  The 5% Whole Strength Days have made a significant impact on us and on our communities! 

We also thank our devoted LAPD partners for their visibility at these events, validating the importance of our corporate partnerships. Hats off to Superstar Prevention Team, Jessica, Claire, and all the advocates, Dichele, Kenia, Monica, Gloria, Jamie,and Isabel, that staffed our table from 8am-8pm at each of the three 5% days! Thank you to all the shoppers who increased the monies we raised and helped us grow our presence in the business community!  (Charlie, you earned the #1 Whole Food $hopper$ Award with Kim as your highly contended front runner!) 

Everyone shared our message beautifully and together, we shined a bright light on Strength United and the Family Justice Center.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Whole Foods Markets and will be counting our blessings for their support!

Kim Goldberg-Roth, Executive Director and Dr. Charles Hanson, founder and Executive Administrator speaking about their appreciation for our partnership and Strength United & Whole Foods Market's critical role in the community.