Special Education

Personal Statement Questions

Below are the "Personal Statement Questions" for the Educational Therapy program application.  Please prepare your responses and upload your responses in a .doc, docx, or .pdf through the upload link provided in the program application. 

Please succinctly respond to each of the following in no more than one paragraph per prompt. 

  1. What has drawn you to the field of Educational Therapy?
  2. Identify and describe three of your personal attributes that you feel would contribute to your success as an Educational Therapist. Identify and describe one personal attribute that might present as a challenge in your work as an Educational Therapist. How do you plan to address this concern? 
  3. CSUN’s Educational Therapy Graduate Programs are designed to prepare individuals to become highly trained Educational Therapy practitioners who are skilled at combining educational and therapeutic approaches to address the needs of individuals with learning difficulties, and who are prepared for positions of leadership, advocacy, and scholarship, with an emphasis on equity and social justice. Explain how you hope to have an impact on the field of Educational Therapy through one of these four areas.