Special Education

Permission Numbers

The Special Education Department of Cal State Northridge issues permission numbers for the following courses:

For students not admitted to a Credential Program:

  • SPED 420*

*If you have not been admitted to a credential program but were advised to enroll in SPED 420, you will need a permission number. 
The department will only issue permission numbers to non-credential candidates who appear on the SPED 420 Approved list. 
Students are placed on this approved list by their academic advisor.

Fieldwork and Student Teaching Courses:

  • SPED 578
  • SPED 580

Induction Credential Entrance and Exit Courses:

  • SPED 628
  • SPED 638/SPED 683 (EC only)

Masters Core Requirement Courses:

  • SPED 681
  • SPED 682
  • SPED 683

Masters Culminating Experience Courses:

  • SPED 697
  • SPED 698

Other courses shouldn’t require a permission number, but occasionally they will if:

  • You met prerequisites at another school
  • You met prerequisites as an undergraduate
  • You are an Ed Therapy student with different prerequisites

If you require permission for a course not listed above, please verify the following items before writing:

  1. It is not a closed section of the class.
    (in Class Search go to the Class Details and check for Class Notes)
  2. You have met all the prerequisites.
    (check the Catalog & the Class Notes)

Request a Permission Number here