Special Education

What is Project I-Prep?

February 10, 2017

Project I-PREP is a federal grant providing financial support to student pursuing special education credential in moderate to severe disabilities. Participants of this grant will receive up to $24,000 in financial support!

Participants of this grant will:

  • receive up to $24,000 in financial support over a 3-year period
  • earn two credentials: Preliminary education specialist credential and a Clear education specialist credential
  • Complete a service obligation: You are required to work as a special educator for 2 years for ever one year of financial support (2-6 years).

Candidates will learn guiding principles, specific educational practices and will develop and refine skills through coaching and mentoring. Potential candidates must meet the admission requirements to the University and Credential Programs. Applications to the Credential Program and the University must be completed before applying to I-PREP. Contact projectiprep@csun.edu for the Project I-PREP application. 

All applications will be screened and those who pass the initial screening will be invited to an interview.

For more information about project I-PREP and specific eligibility requirements, check out the Project I-PREP Fact Sheet (.pdf).

For questions, contact projectiprep@csun.edu