College of Education Self-Care

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Other Resources & Activities at CSUN

Learn more about the following at CSUN:


  • Short term free counseling for faculty and staff through the Office of Human Resources
  • Also, University Counseling Services (UCS) does not directly provide counseling for faculty or staff, but can provide assistance to help find the most appropriate counseling or mental health referral. Please call the director at (818) 677-4069. This service is available to all full- and part-time faculty and staff.



1) Lunchtime Express classes for faculty and staff – you do not have to be an SRC member to take these classes. These are 30 or 55 minute classes – which means you can get there, change, take the class, freshen up, and get back to your office in an hour! Details are at  You do need to register at the SRC and then you can sign up for the classes. We recommend that once you sign up at the SRC, you use the Mind/Body app or website to register for classes, as they fill up quickly. You can register starting the day before the class. 

2) Two times per year the SRC runs a program that we call “Faculty Staff Member for a Week.” This program allows Faculty/Staff to use the SRC for a week at no charge so they can try out their programs and services. 

3) Find out how faculty and staff can make use of the fabulous Oasis WellnessCenter at







For yoga information please see the CSUN Student Recreation Center.

Resources for CSUN Students on Campus

The Michael D. Eisner College of Education recognizes the importance of students practicing self care, in addition to faculty and staff. Navigating personal and professional issues and finding a healthy work/school/life balance can be difficult. Please see the student self-care resources page to help you manage your stress, find support, and succeed.