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Self-care and politics

November 7, 2022


Dear College of Education Community,   

This week all attention is on the political climate of our world.  How can we contribute as an act of self-care? In article in The New Social Worker, entitled “ Self-Care A-Z: Political Engagement as Self-Care,” author Erline Grise-Owens states, “ At heart, self-care is about power. Politics is a form of power. Engaging in politics is a way of accessing power, ergo, self-care “ Dr. Grise-Owens recommends the following as acts of self-care and taking power for ourselves in this political time.

  1. Provide productive focus Use frustration over current political activities as motivation to take action. Focusing on a specific campaign helps direct that energy in productive and tangible ways. 
  2. Connect with a larger community and cause  Being involved in political campaigns in positive, proactive ways connects us with a larger group and cause. None of us can do everything, but each of us can do something.
  3. Frame success as contribution, not necessarily outcome As with many things, we cannot frame political success only as “winning.” Think of  success as contribution.
  4. Maintain balance Politics can be consuming. With election deadlines and urgent causes, it’s tempting to over-commit and become over-invested emotionally. As always, self-care is about balance. Regardless of the importance of the cause, sacrificing self-care in other areas is counter-productive.

Above all, the best way to engage in self-care this week is to VOTE!

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For a list of other self-care options, you can also go to our COE self-care website for resources for faculty, staff, students, and the community at

May this be a good week for all of us as we watch politics in our world.