Secondary Education

Single Subject University Intern Program

The Single Subject University Intern Program (SSUIP) is a 4-semester (often less) program designed for a teacher credential candidate who has a permanent, full-time teaching position in a public middle or high school.

The program is typically 4 semesters. A one (1) or two (2)-semester Early Completion Option (ECO) enables an Intern who has passed the National Evaluation Series Assessment of Professional Knowledge to bypass most credential coursework and to advance to the final fieldwork courses. Please contact the Intern Coordinator for more information about the ECO.


David L. Moguel, Coordinator


Office – Education 1203

Support and Guidance

Support and guidance are provided for each Intern. The instructional team, including the Intern Coordinator, the Seminar Instructor, and the school-based Support Provider, offer advisement and support to the Intern. The University Supervisor visits each Intern’s classroom, provides feedback, and completes progress reports and evaluations. More details about the SSUIP can be found in the SSUIP Handbook (.pdf).

Transfer of Credit

Many Interns begin as Traditional or ACT Credential Program candidates and complete some credential courses before they are hired as full-time teachers and transfer into the Intern Program. Transfer Interns then have a course sequence with a different starting point.

The Intern Coordinator will help you plan the sequence of courses that is most appropriate for you.


36-41 units

Semester 1

· SED 511 Fundamentals of Secondary Education in Multiethnic Schools (3 units)

· SED 525XX Methods of Teaching [subject] in the Secondary School (3 units)

· SED 593 Field Experience for Single Subject Interns (twice in the 4-semester sequence) (2 units)

· SED 593S Field Experience Seminar for Single Subject Interns (1 unit)

Semester 2

· SED 521 Content Area Literacy and Learning in Multiethnic Secondary Schools (3 units)

· EPC 420 Educational Psychology of the Adolescent (3 units)

· SED 593 Field Experience for Single Subject Interns (2 units)

Semester 3

· SED 514 Computers in the Instructional Program (3 units)

· SED 529 Teaching English Learners in Multiethnic Classrooms (3 units)

· SPED 420 Improving the Learning of Students with Special Needs through Differentiated Instruction & Collaboration (3 units)

· HSCI 466ADO Health Concerns of the Adolescent (1 unit)

· SED 554 Supervised Field Experience (3 units)

· SED 554S Field Experience Seminar for the Single Subject Credential (1 unit)

Semester 4

· ELPS 417 Equity and Diversity in Schools (also AAS, AFRS, ARMN, CHS)(3 units)

· SED 555 Supervised Practicum (5 units)

· SED 555S Practicum Seminar for the Single Subject Credential (2 units)

Some courses may be offered during Summer and Winter Session, with the possibility of reducing the number of semesters in which the program is completed.