Secondary Education

CSUN MSTI Project Working to Address STEM Teacher Shortage

July 15, 2021

MSTI, California State University Northridge, Math & Science Teacher Initiative

California is experiencing a significant shortage of qualified STEM teachers, and the CSUN MSTI project is working to recruit and prepare future STEM teachers to address this shortage. This summer, the CSUN MSTI project has been conducting a series of CSET-preparation workshops for hundreds of teachers throughout the state of California. We are currently conducting, or have recently finished, 40-50 hour synchronous online workshops to help prepare teachers to pass the General Science, Math-1, Math-2, Math-3, Physics-2, Chemistry-2 and Biology-2 CSET exams so individuals may be prepared to enter credential programs or add STEM authorizations to existing credentials. 

Visit the CSUN MSTI project website