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2021 Summer Math Camps with Cat Gaspard

July 13, 2021

2021 Summer Math Camps
Cathy Gaspard ran and researched 2 math camps this summer.

The first camp was 2 weeks in June. It was an elementary and middle school math camp in the Val Verde School District (3rd - 8th grade). Approximately 200 students attended over 2 weeks and Cathy ran a Professional Development session each day for the 24 teachers and 4 Lead Teachers. Cathy runs the camp and designs the curriculum and Dr. Pete Goldschmidt does the research analysis. The math camp focuses on mathematical conceptual development and mindfulness. This is the third year of this camp and research shows that students actually gain during the summer rather than show summer learning loss when compared to those students that didn't attend math camp.

The second camp is a 4 week math camp at Northridge Academy High School [NAHS] July 6th - 30th. (this is the 6th year they are running it!) for all incoming ninth graders. Again, Cathy Gaspard ran the camp and designed the curriculum and professional development. She also conducts the research analysis. This year we are running a hybrid. They have 85 students attending each day in-person and 58 doing it via Zoom. 6 Teachers + 8 CSUN MISTI scholars volunteering. For the first time this year, the NAHS math camp is being funded through a grant from the Chancellor's Office! Each student is being provided with a materials bag and CSU swag! Another cool part to this grant was that Cathy was able to make how-to videos for teachers to watch for each of the 40 math camp lessons! her my research shows students that who attend math camp not only show growth and a more positive attitude after camp, they do better doing the school year in terms of GPA, math grade, and participation grade.