Secondary Education

Mathematics Four-Year Integrated Program

Earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics and a Preliminary Single Subject Credential in Mathematics in Four Years.

Advisors: Dr. Kellie Evans

Year 1

Course Units Course Units
 MATH 150A* (GE: BS/M) 5 MATH 150B* 5
 GE: BS/AR&EW 3 Title V, Part 1 American History 3
 GE: SE/A&H 3 PHIL 230* (GE: BS/CT) 3
 Math 150AL (or BL)  1 COMS 151/L (GE: BS/OC) 3
 GE: SE/CCS 3  MATH 391* FE 2

Year 2

 Course Units Course Units
 MATH 250*3MATH 262*3
PHYS 220A* & L* (GE: SE/NS&L)4PHYS 220B* & L* (GE: SE/NS&L)4
POLS 155 (Title V)3 COMP 106, 106L (or COMP 110/110L) (GE: SE/LL)3 (or 4)
ENGL 255 (GE: SE/A&H)3PSY 312 (UD GE: SE/SS)3
Elective (upper or lower division from any dept.)2EPC 420 (Cred) FE3

Year 3

MATH 320*3MATH 360*3
MATH 341*3Math 370*3
SED 514 (Cred)3ASTR 301 (UD GE: SE/NS)* OR Upper Division MATH Elective3
AAS/ARMN/CHS 417 ELPS/PAS (Cred)3SED 525MA/L (Cred)3
SED 511 (Cred) FE3SPED 401C (Cred)2
  HSCI 466ADO (Cred)1

Year 4

Upper Division MATH Elective*3ASTR 301 (UD GE: SE/NS)* OR Upper Division MATH Elective3
MATH 350*3Math 490*3
Elective (upper or lower division from any department)3SED 555 (Cred) FE6
SED 554 (Cred) FE4  
SED 521 (Cred) FE3  

ASTR 301 is offered spring of odd numbered years only

FYI - Mathematics Teacher Credential Program Courses

AAS/ARMN 417Equity and Diversity in Schools3
COMP 106/LComputing in Engineering and Science and Lab2/1
OR COMP 110/LIntroduction to Algorithms and Programming and Lab3/1
COMS 151/LPublic Speaking with Lab3
ENGL 255Introduction to Literature3
EPC 420Psychological Foundations of Adolescence3
HSCI 466ADOHealth Concerns of the Adolescent1
MATH 150AL (or BL)Calculus Computer Lab A (or B)1
MATH 150ACalculus I5
MATH 150BCalculus II5
MATH 250Calculus III3
MATH 262Introduction to Linear Algebra3
MATH 320Foundations of Higher Mathematics3
MATH 341Applied Statistics I 3
MATH 350Advanced Calculus I 
MATH 360Abstract Algebra I3
MATH 370Foundations of Geometry3
MATH 391Field Experiences in Schools2
MATH 490Capstone Course3
Mathematics Electives, Upper Division(see below for recommended courses)9
PHIL 230Introduction to Formal Logic I3
PHYS 220AMechanics3
PHYS 220ALMechanics Lab1
PHYS 220BElectricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 220BLElectricity and Magnetism Lab1
POLS 155American Political institutions3
PSY 312Psychological Aspects of Parenthood3
SED 511Fundamentals of Secondary Education in Multiethnic Secondary Schools3
SED 514Computers in the Instructional Program3
SED 521Literacy, Language, and Learning in Multiethnic Secondary Schools3
SED 525MA/LMethods of Teaching Mathematics3
SED 554Supervised Field Experience and Seminar4
SED 555Supervised Practicum and Seminar6
SPED 401CInclusive Education2

Recommended Upper Division Mathematics Electives

ASTR 301The Dynamical Universe (also counts as upper division GE)3
MATH 331Mathematical Explorations3
MATH 340Introductory Probability3
MATH 441Applied Statistics II3
MATH 450Advanced Calculus II3
MATH 460Abstract Algebra II3
MATH 462Advanced Linear Algebra3
MATH 463Number Theory3
MATH 470Topics of Geometry3

General Education Designations

BSBasic Skills (At least course one must include Information Competence (IC))
AR&EWAnalytical Reading and Expository Writing
CTCritical Thinking
OCOral Communication
SESubject Explorations (At least 1 course must include Information Competence (IC))
NSNatural Sciences
AHArts and Humanities
SSSocial Sciences
LLLifelong Learning
CCSComparative Cultural Studies - Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity Studies, and Foreign Languages
Title VU.S. History and Local Government (Parts 1 and 2)